Friday, March 11, 2011

Funny How God works

I cannot confidently say I know all God has in store for us as far as homeschool goes. It is funny to me how this decision to homeschool has opened all sorts of doors to not only share the Gospel with my children daily...but has been the most challenging daily test of authenticity of my own daily walking out the Gospel. I see motherhood as discipleship and it is every minute those kiddos are watching...and boy do I fail! But even in those moments where I lose my temper (and  do not display the fruit of the Spirit...self control) I have the wonderfully humbling opportunity to go to them and tell them how MOmmy is a sinner too, still in need of Jesus every day! To ask their forgiveness...

Lately the teachable moments here have been so precious; I tell you I have never felt richer in my whole life! The peace and joy and life that is mine in my heart while loving and spending time with my family is indescribable and definately from the Father!

I just think it's funny how God works; I thought I was following Him doing homeschool would benefit my children, and it has undoubtedly been changing me on the inside!

Praise the LORD!